Currently available to judge any non-sanctioned competition abroad. E-mail for rates and scheduling.

Dale sml



Began riding with family at the age of eight.

President of the K.C.V.I. Riding Club for the five years of his attendance.

Diploma in Farrier Science from Algonquin College.

Owner and breeder of Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, and Canadian Sport Horses since 1974.


More than 50 years involvement in equestrian sports, spanning a broad range of disciplines and competencies: from rider, to competitor, breeder, and judge. This varied background has provided well-rounded exposure to equestrian disciplines and systems.

I enjoy judging and have a great compassion for those riders who show under me; I always make an effort to provide valuable comments that will help the riders to improve their scores, and enjoy their journey in the world of Competitive Dressage.

ACCEPTING non-sanctioned judging engagements.


Grand Champion (Hunter) Zone 2, 1974.

Groom and instructional assistant to McKibbin Stables, Kingston, 1975-1976.

Cross-country judge to the 1976 Summer Olympics, Bromont and Montreal, (Her Royal Highness Princess Anne).

Scribed for Judge Jayne Flemming, Kingston Exhibition, for many  years.

Shadow-judged and scribed for many gold, silver, and bronze CADORA shows.

Presently judging for many non-sanctioned short-course and dressage events.

As a developing rider, while auditor and participant at clinics, I was influenced and trained by international experts, including, Minna Renz, Cara Whitham, Christolot Boylen, Cindy Neale Ishoy, Beth Underhill, Ian Millar, Esther Mortimer, Selena O’Hanlon, Ian Roberts, John MacPherson, Stephen Clarke, and Peter Storr.

A solid and diverse background in many types of equestrian training and competition, with many years of recreational and competitive riding.


Lt. Col. H. A. McKibbin

Mr. Jim Harvey



Canadian Sport Association

Equine Canada

Ontario Equestrian Federation

Owner of three horses, Coldplay, Gaetana, and Greyridge Greyce, which receive weekly riding and exercise.